Analogx is a mysterious artist from Northern Europe. Travelling around the world, he is currently wandering around somewhere in France enchanted with turquoise seas and birds. Where ever Analogx goes, he brings his Laboratory of Analogue and Digital Synthesisers. That’s where he makes The Wonder of Music.

Influenced by Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd and Maharishi TM, this unusual artist creates unique music, deep and playful as the ocean. All you need to do is to close your eyes and let his music take you to incredible journeys. His passion for music and life is contagious. Don’t be afraid to get infected.

This artist heals and inspires with music. Listening to Analogx sometimes feels like a walk through the Milky Way and sometimes like a heartwarming childhood memory. Sometimes he creates a shiny starry sky and sometimes a burst of golden sunshine with his rich velvet melodies. What does it feels like to you?

And who is actually Analogx? You have probably already listened to him live, on the radio & television, via YouTube or otherwise. This time he wants to put his music first, before his real name and fame. He wants to share freely sheer beauty and go beyond genres and what is expected from him. This is a truly special adventure and you are welcome to join! Who knows, maybe one day he still decides to reveal himself. There are no rules on this journey. Only music, love and joy.

And if you want to find out now? We dare you to try! It will be even more fun for everyone!

Analogx Team